Microspace Fetches Walt Disney’s The Shaggy Dog Via Satellite for Cinemark Theaters

Microspace logo Microspace Fetches Walt Disney’s The Shaggy Dog Via Satellite for Cinemark Theaters

Industry’s First Satellite-Delivered JPEG 2000 File is a Major Step toward DCI Compliance

Satellite Dish Microspace recently announced that it has delivered the first JPEG 2000 feature via satellite for Walt Disney’s The Shaggy Dog, opening Friday, March 10th, in theaters nationwide. The delivery is a key milestone in reaching Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliance. Microspace delivered the feature via its VELOCITY® satellite service in conjunction with Kodak Digital Cinema to the Cinemark Tinseltown Theater in Rochester, New York.

“Walt Disney Pictures is on the forefront of bringing digital cinema into the mainstream to enhance the movie going experience,” said Chuck Viane, president, distribution, Buena Vista Pictures. “As a member of DCI, we are actively working with the industry to ensure that digital delivery of feature films meets the utmost standards of quality. Our delivery of this JPEG 2000 feature is the next step in the adoption of the DCI specification.”

“Cinemark has always been on the cutting edge of innovative technology that can transform the exhibition industry. The digital presentation of The Shaggy Dog in our Rochester location showcases a state-of-the art technology that we are very pleased to provide for our customers,” said Alan Stock, President, Cinemark USA, Inc.

“We are leading the industry with a series of industry ‘firsts,’ from the original standardized satellite delivery of a digital feature to this first delivery of a JPEG 2000 feature film working toward DCI compliance,” said Curt Tilly, manager of digital cinema distribution for Microspace. “We see satellite-powered digital cinema delivering on the promises of secure and reliable distribution for the motion picture industry. We are delighted to work with Walt Disney Studios, Kodak Digital Cinema and Cinemark to continue this momentum.”

“Kodak Digital Cinema is excited to join Microspace in enhancing the digital cinema experience in a way that further proves the value of the Kodak network,” said Drena Rogers, director of worldwide sales for Kodak Digital Cinema. “We applaud their efforts in ensuring reliable and quality delivery of features for a great theatrical presentation.”

Microspace’s VELOCITY eliminates the expenses of producing and delivering individual film print. Since early 2004, Microspace has been working to enhance the theater experience by providing digital satellite delivery for several motion pictures, including Chicken Little, Shrek 2, Collateral, and Shark Tale.

Thanks to MCC’s Greg Hurt for this capcom story.

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