Anchor from Brazil Visits WRAL-TV

WRAL-TV logo Anchor From Brazil Visits WRAL-TV
Katia Sacchetto & Solja Nygard Frangos
Brazilian anchor Katia Sacchetto (right) and her Rotary hostess, Solja Nygard Frangos visit WRAL-TV. (Nygard is an N&O feature reporter, and is a Danish immigrate herself.)

The WRAL-TV High Definition newsroom has always been a big attraction to broadcasters due to it’s uniqueness.

You can often see visitors from around the country and the world. They are all are interested in the first completely HD newsroom in the country.

Brazilian anchor Katia Sacchetto knew that when she came to Raleigh, one of the places she had to visit was WRAL-TV. She had heard about it and even visited the website to learn more.

WRAL-TV News Producer Miriam Sutton (right) explains the WRAL News coverage area to Katia Sacchetto (left) and Solja Nygard Frangos.
Sutton (right) gives Sacchetto (center) & Frangos a detailed description of how WRAL-TV runs its all-digital news operation.

Sacchetto has been a journalist and anchor for a Brazilian television network for 5 years. She was visiting the area courtesy of the Wake Forest Rotary Exchange and the News & Observer newspaper.

She was given a complete tour of the facility and was able to witness the afternoon news gathering process in action. She had a chance to talk with a number of news staff, including interviewing WRAL-TV News Director Rick Gall.

Reporters at desk
WRAL-TV’s Miriam Sutton (right) gives Katia Sacchetto (center) & Solja Nygard Frangos a chance to sit at the producers’ desk behind the anchor positions.
Reporters with Debra Morgan
WRAL-TV Anchor Debra Morgan (right) stopped by to talk to Sacchetto (center) & Frangos about her work as an anchor in the Triangle.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story.

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