CBC Promotions Staffers Win Gold Gold with Four PROMAX Awards

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CBC Promotions Staffers Win Gold Gold with Four PROMAX Awards

Four turned out to be the magic number, and gold the color, for several CBC television promotion employees at the recent PROMAX & BDA Conference. WRAL-TV and FOX 50 won four Gold PROMAX Medallions at the annual event in New York.

Christian McIllwain
WRAL-TV Producer Christian McIllwain
Jason Matthews
FOX 50 Producer Jason Matthews
Scott Reid
FOX 50 Producer Scott Reid
Gayle Hardy
FOX 50 Art Director Gayle Hardy

WRAL-TV Producer Christian McIllwain brought home two Gold PROMAX awards, winning the Sports Program Campaign Using One or More Media category for his 2005 ACC Tournament spot, along with the Use of Original Music Composition for a Promo with the “50 Camera Man” spot.

McIllwain had some help from several WRAL-TV staffers in producing his award-winning entries.

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50 Camera Man

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Award winning spots

50 Camera Man

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ACC Spot #1
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ACC Spot #2
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ACC Spot #3
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Note: All three ACC spots comprised one entry.

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“Quite a few people contributed to the ACC Tournament award, including [WRAL-TV Meteorologist] Greg Fishel, [Sports Anchor] Jeff Gravley, [Medical Reporter] Dr. Allen Mask and [Producer] Anita Normanly,” said WRAL-TV Director of Programming John Harris. “It was obviously a team effort, but Christian was the creative force behind it all.”

And Harris himself provided one of the singing voices behind McIllwain’s ‘50 Camera Man’.

“[WRAL-TV Anchor] Bill Leslie, [Trafficologist] Mark Roberts and I are proud to have contributed to that entry, but Christian deserves the real credit for taking a silly piece of spoof music and turning it into art,” said Harris. “I want to keep the credit where it’s really due. Despite this huge honor, Bill, Mark and I think we should probably keep our day jobs.”

CBC’s Durham station, WRAZ-TV, also got in on the honors. FOX 50 Producers Jason Matthews and Scott Reid won a Gold PROMAX in the Daypart Packaging Promotion for their “Real Men of TV” campaign.

“Many things fell into place in the creation of this spot. It was a team effort,” said Reid. “The idea came out of a brainstorming session. I suggested we should do a spoof of the Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” campaign. Jason and I collaborated on the script, with help from Kevin [Kolbe]. Coordinating the shoot was next. Jason happened to have a friend who was perfect as our vocalist.’ A wig and a bandana completed our actor’s costume. The shoot was done between recording sessions at Osceola Studios. A call was placed to the folks at 615 Music. They suggested a music track that, when edited, sounded similar to the original score. Many King of the Hill and Seinfeld show clips were searched. Lots of editing, a little tweaking, and voila!”

FOX50.com logoAnd FOX 50 also got recognition for their work online. Art Director Gayle Hardy won a Gold PROMAX in the TV Promotion – Website category for her FOX50.com animation for the O.C.

“This is the highest honor at PROMAX and certainly deserving of some incredible work,” said FOX 50 Marketing & Promotion Manager Kevin Kolbe. “You can’t ask for a bigger honor than to win PROMAX GOLD! Jason, Scott and Gayle won it, earned it and deserved it. I’m very glad they’re on the FOX 50 creative team and a part of CBC! ROCK ON!

The 2006 PROMAX award winners were announced at the annual PROMAX & BDA Conference in New York on June 20 – 22.

PROMAX/BDA is a worldwide association of entertainment marketers, promoters and designers, representing more than 500 television stations and cable networks from the U.S. The association also includes members in other countries. PROMAX/BDA members are primarily focused on the area of television but are expanding to numbers from Internet and other technologies. PROMAX/BDA provides members with education, recognition and interaction through conferences, award competitions and publications as well as networking opportunities.

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