Triangle United Way Honors CBC For Leadership Giving

Triangle United Way Honors CBC For Leadership Giving

Orage Quarles &  Chuck DeCourt
The Triangle United Way’s 2005 Campaign Chairperson Orage Quarles III (left) presents CBC’s Leadership Giving Award to WRAL-TV’s Chuck DeCourt.

Capitol Broadcasting Company believes in giving freely to the community, and its employees do, too. And their combined generosity recently earned CBC recognition from the Triangle United Way (TUW). The TUW presented CBC with its Excellence Award for Leadership Giving at the TUW’s annual meeting in May.

CBC received the award for Leadership Giving. TUW honored CBC alongside East West Partners and North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company in that category.

Each fall CBC holds an annual workplace campaign for the Triangle United Way. From division kick-off meetings to employee Website stories to bus tours of United Way agencies to support from upper management on down, CBC holds raising funds for the TUW as a top priority.

“Capitol CEO, Jim Goodmon, sets a strong personal example on the management team at CBC,” reads the program for the awards ceremony. “TUW is not just one of the many things the company supports. It is THE thing. That filters down among the VPs and GMs. Hence, in each division, the top manager is a de-facto TUW leader. The manager personally asks each staff member to consider his/her TUW gift.”

The 2005 CBC employee campaign coupled with the company match totaled $216,000 in donations, a 21% increase over 2004.

WRAL-TV Station Manager Chuck DeCourt, also co-chair for the CBC campaign, attended the 10th Annual TUW Celebration & Annual Meeting and accepted the award on the company’s behalf.

The Leadership Giving award is not the first recognition CBC has received from the TUW. CBC won the Chairman’s Excellence Award for Most Innovative Campaign in 2004, and the Award of Excellence for Corporate Involvement & Support in 2003.

Thanks to the TUW for this capcom photo.

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