Stanley Cup Visits American Tobacco Campus

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Stanley Cup Visits American Tobacco Campus

Stanley Cup line
Tenants at the American Tobacco Campus stand in line to get a chance to touch history…The Stanley Cup.

With an entourage and security worthy of the President of the United States, the Stanley Cup arrived at American Tobacco’s Bay 7 for a brief two hour visit on Wednesday, July 5, 2006.  

The private viewing of the Stanley Cup was arranged for tenants and contractors by the American Tobacco Management Office. 

Attendees were not only invited to view the Cup, but were treated to refreshments afterwards.

Baby photo
These lucky parents got a chance to sit their baby in the Cup for a memorable photo.
Stanley Cup line
Canes jerseys dotted the waiting line as ATC Canes fans watch the Cup from a distance.
Stanley Cup
The Stanley Cup awed onlookers at its visit to American Tobacco.

Tenants decked out in Hurricanes attire, some of whom who stood in line for almost an hour, got a once in a lifetime opportunity to touch, kiss, hug and take family photos with the Stanley Cup.  As people filed into Bay 7, fans began clapping, cheering and taking photos of the Cup.  Matt West, Carolina Hurricanes Vice President of Business & Operations even helped one couple place their baby in the upper portion of the trophy.

Stanley Cup photo
Even the Durham County Police Bike Patrol officer gets a chance to “guard” the Cup.
Stanley Cup line
Canes fans who work at American Tobacco stand patiently in line.
Matt West
Canes VP Matt West welcomes the crowd.
John George & Jimmy Gamble
FOX 50’s John George (left), Jason Matthews & Jimmy Gamble (right) wait for their turn to see the masterpiece up close.
Tenants got to enjoy two great cakes from Good Taste Cake Design.
Cup Photo
This happy fan cozies up to the Cup.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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