WRAL’s Pops in the Park

WRAL’s Pops in the Park: Labor Day Tradition of Music, Food and Fun Continues Live NC Symphony Concert at Booth Amphitheatre on Sunday, September 3 at 7pm WRAL-TV Broadcast on Monday, September 4 at 7pm UNC-TV Broadcast on Thursday, September 14 at 8pm Music lovers are invited to join WRAL-TV and the North Carolina Symphony […]

Show Me the Monet?

Show Me the Monet? Durham Bulls Promote Upcoming Art Museum Exhibit Cuba Gooding, Jr. (left) might be surprised to know that he inspired a recent Durham Bulls promotion for the NC Museum of Art’s upcoming Monet exhibit. Promotion for the upcoming Monet exhibition at the NC Museum of art began in an unlikely venue ­ […]

Durham Bulls Add Extra Day to Holiday Weekend

Durham Bulls Add Extra Day to Holiday Weekend The Bulls want you to start your holiday weekend early – real early! Stand up and cheer for a 5-day weekend with $1 hot dog, fireworks and the great American pastime! Typically, Labor Day Weekend is a great time to head to the beach, go to the […]