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Durham Bulls logo Show Me the Monet?
Durham Bulls Promote Upcoming Art Museum Exhibit
Cuba Gooding, Jr. Show Me the Monet! logo
Cuba Gooding, Jr. (left) might be surprised to know that he inspired a recent Durham Bulls promotion for the NC Museum of Art’s upcoming Monet exhibit.

Promotion for the upcoming Monet exhibition at the NC Museum of art began in an unlikely venue ­ the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

To support CBC¹s sponsorship of the fall exhibition, the Bulls, borrowing a famous line from “Jerry McGuire” staged a “Show me the Monet” contest during the team’s last home stand.

The Bulls showed artworks from the NCMA collection on the giant video screen and a contestant was asked to pick the Monet. If the contestant made the correct choice, everyone in his/her section won a pass to the Monet exhibition.

Can you Show Me the Monet?
Which paintings below were created by Claude Monet?
(answer at end of story below)

Art #1 Art #2
Art #3 Art #4

“This was a fun way to introduce baseball fans to French Impressionism,” said Bulls VP George Habel. “A chili dog, a cold beer, baseball and Monet. Now, that¹s what I call livin’!”

Monet logoMonet in Normandy – fifty-three paintings from the French impressionist Claude Monet – has been jointly organized by the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The paintings will be at the NCMA from Oct. 15, 2006 ­ January 14, 2007.

The exhibition will be held in only those three U.S. cities, and it¹s expected to draw 180,000 visitors to the Triangle.

Show Me the Monet! Answers
#1 and #4 are pieces by Claude Monet. #1 is The Seine at Giverny, Morning Mist and #4 is The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset.

Thanks to CS’ George Habel for this capcom story & these capcom graphics.

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