Branford Marsalis’ New Album Features DBAP Clubhouse

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Branford Marsalis’ New Album Features DBAP Clubhouse
Released on Tuesday, Sept 12th

The Durham Bulls’ clubhouse is the setting for the cover of Brandford Marsalis’ latest album.

Jazz fans in the Triangle may get a familiar feeling when they see the cover of the Branford Marsalis Quartet’s new album, Braggtown. So will baseball players from teams in the International League.

The CD, which was released on September 12th, features a cover photo taken of the band inside the visiting clubhouse at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. The band came to the DBAP in April to take the photos when the Bulls were on the road. A full day of set-up and photos resulted in a cover photo of the band, looking right at home, leaning against laundry carts and buffet tables in a discombobulated clubhouse with a post-game feel to it.

“I’m not sure our clubhouse manager will be proud of that photo, but it’s an honor for the ball club,” Durham Bulls Vice President George Habel said. “Considerable effort went into that one shot for the CD cover. It was fun to watch that process and to meet everyone in the group. I’m a big fan!”

Marsalis’ website says of the new album, “Over the course of its life – and most particularly on its previous Marsalis Music discs – the Branford Marsalis Quartet has revealed an ability to express every kind of emotion, including an informed sense of history (on the label-launching Footsteps of Our Fathers in 2002 and the 2004 DVD Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ Live in Amsterdam), a sensitivity to other artistic disciplines (Romare Bearden Revealed from 2003) and a profound sense of intimacy that stretched the concept of a “ballads album” (2004’s Eternal).

The Quartet’s new Braggtown, which Marsalis Music will release on September 12, addresses all of these areas and more. Drawing upon a world of inspirations, including an 17th Century English composer, an Indian Warrior and a Japanese horror film, Braggtown is the Marsalis band’s most comprehensive and compelling recording to date.”

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Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.

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