NCREN Offers Access to Uplinks via Microspace

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NCREN Offers Access to Uplinks via Microspace

The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in a recent newsletter from North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

NCREN (North Carolina Research and Education Network) provides easy access to both Ku-band and C-band digital and analog satellite downlinks. The satellite dishes and conversion equipment are located on the MCNC (Microelectronics Center of North Carolina) campus in RTP, NC and can be positioned to receive practically any domestic satellite.

In addition to downlinks, NCREN offers access to uplinks via Microspace Communications Corporation in Raleigh, NC. The need for a mobile satellite production unit is virtually eliminated if the origination facility has connectivity to NCREN’s video services. Scheduling is simple and once NCREN receives the signal, it travels to Microspace via a NCREN microwave path to Raleigh.

Universities have used this path to transmit medical and academic programming, interviews, and other content since the service was first made available in 1991. In 2005 Microspace launched the “Expert Resource Network” and several NCREN institutions agreed to participate in this venture which facilitates the search for content experts who are featured on live television interviews.

All NCREN institutions have access to Microspace and the signal from recently deployed Sony codecs that have been tested with Microspace.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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