MIX Listener Realizes Dream With Birthday Game Winnings

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MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM listeners know that tuning in means more than hearing great music. The Raleigh radio station constantly gives away prizes to callers, making a big difference in the lives of those listeners.

The Cary News recently published an article about one such lucky listener. Staff writer Emily Matchar tells the story of Amy Crum in the article, “A dream come true,” which appeared in the Sept. 12th edition of the paper.

Crum had been seeking funding for a business venture with her sister. Crum had uprooted her from Orlando, Florida to move to the Triangle in hopes of opening a Dream Dinners franchise. The pair of sisters was unable to procure a loan and saw their dream all but dying when Crum heard MIX 101.5’s Bill & Sheri announce her birthday one morning.

In The Birthday Game, Bill & Sheri announced a birthdate. Listeners with that birthdate called in, and the correct number caller won a cash prize. Crum won $15,000 on the fateful day she called during the game back in 2003.

The $15,000 surpassed the $10k she and her sister needed to get a loan. The end result? They opened their Dream Dinners store in Raleigh. The location has been so successful in that they recently opened a new store in Cary.

MIX 101.5 and Bill & Sheri certainly made Amy Crum’s dream come true.

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