Think Pink and Basketball Season!

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Think Pink and Basketball Season!
2nd Annual Hoops for Hope

Hoops for Hope logo Basketball season is almost here and that is exciting news for those of us residing in the heart of ACC country. Practice began a few weeks ago and the first games of the season begin in less than one week.  In addition to all the basketball hoopla, October was breast cancer Awareness Month.  Are you seeing images of the color pink and basketballs yet?  If not, think Hoops for Hope! 

Hoops for Hope is a basketball game centered around hope. Hope for early detection, hope for increased survival, hope for a cure. Why?  Because this year in America, more than 211,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 43,300 will die from the disease.  One in seven women either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime – that woman could be your mother, sister, daughter, wife, dear friend, or Hall of Fame Coach. Chances are you know at least one person who has battled breast cancer. 

Kay Yow
Wolfpack Women’s Coach Kay Yow, a breast cancer survivor, cheers at last year’s Hoops for Hope.

Wolfpack Sports Marketing will host the second annual Hoops for Hope event on Sunday, January 28, 2007.  Hoops for Hope debuted last year on February 19th and due to its enormous success, has become an annual event.  Hoops for Hope is a breast cancer awareness and fundraising event that takes place around a regularly scheduled women’s basketball game. The event is more than a fundraiser; last year, 60 women who have battled breast cancer were recognized at half-time and were welcomed with a standing ovation and roar of cheers.  Anyone who has experienced breast cancer, either directly or indirectly was touched by this event.  This year things will only get better!  There will be more survivors, more fans and more sponsors – which translates to more energy and money to help eradicate this disease.

Susan G. Komen FoundationHoops for Hope title sponsor, Time Warner Cable, signed a two-year contract the week after last year’s event and almost all of last year’s sponsors renewed within 90 days of the event.  Raleigh Radiology, a new Hoops for Hope sponsor, actually called the day after the event to see how they could become involved.  It has been a positive experience all around. 

Join NC State Women’s Basketball Coach Kay Yow, her team, and the staff of Wolfpack Sports Marketing, as well as about 9,000 fans, for this one of a kind fundraising event.  Please join us in making this a game to remember!

Thanks to WSM’s Brenda Steen for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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