WRAL.com Blogs Give Viewers Something Extra

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WRAL.com features blogs from several staffers to give viewers looks behind the scenes and beyond to much more.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a reporter?  Or what goes on behind the camera?  Or want more specifics on the WRAL meteorology team’s perspective on the weather?   You’re in luck, because there is a place to find out.

WRAL.com has a growing list of blogs that feature everything from Bill Leslie’s Tarheel Travels to the WRAL Sports team’s opinions on the ending of the ACC basketball season and the upcoming tourney.

WRAL.com recently added a new Golf Notebook to the blog, featuring the musings of the Golf Press Association Editor Stuart Hall.  The blog list is constantly growing, as are the entries to each blog.  So check it out!

For a list of all the WRAL.com blogs, the WRAL.com Blogs page.  Each day’s featured blogs always appear at the bottom of the homepage for WRAL.com.

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