CBC Gift to Barton College Honors WRAL-TV Senior Producer

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CBC Gift to Barton College Honors WRAL-TV Senior Producer
Phyllis Parish Howard Television Control Room To Move Barton Communications Into Digital Age

Jim Goodmon & Phyllis Parish Howard
CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon (left) announces a CBC/WRAL gift to Barton College in honor of WRAL-TV Senior Producer Phyllis Parish Howard.

On Saturday, March 3, 2007, CBC President Jim Goodmon attended the opening session of a retreat for the Board of Trustees of Barton College to make a big announcement.   The WRAL/CBC Community Fund had decided to make a significant financial commitment to support the digital equipment needs of Barton’s Broadcast/Video Production concentration through 2009. The facility is to be dubbed the Phyllis Parish Howard Television Control Room in honor of WRAL-TV’s long-time Senior Producer, Phyllis Parish Howard. 

The gift will provide new equipment and upgrades necessary for both the teaching facility and television studio, moving Barton’s Broadcasting/Video Production program into the digital age. 

“I’m thrilled that Capitol Broadcasting is supporting Barton’s Mass Communication majors.  These students are the future of the broadcasting field,” said Parish.  “I’m very honored we are reaching out to help them, so they can carry on the legacy of Barton within our Industry.”

Phyllis Parish & Jim Goodmon
Parish (left) receives a congratulatory hug from Goodmon as the Phyllis Parish Howard Television Control Room is named.

“Because of the generosity of Jim Goodmon at Capitol Broadcasting, new technology in this room will provide an up-to-date learning environment that will increase the success of our communications program,” said Barton College President Norval C. Kneten.  “Using the equipment in the Phyllis Parish Howard Television Control Room, students will enjoy a hands-on experience that reinforces the theories of communication that are presented in the classroom. The enhanced technology raises the Mass Communications major to a more dynamic level of engaged learning at Barton.”

Parish is a graduate of Barton College and presently serves on the Board of Trustees.  Goodmon’s daughter, Elizabeth Goodmon Jordan also graduated from Barton in 1997 with a BA in English. 

Parish has a long history at Barton College.  Her great-great grandfather, Dr. John James Harper, helped found Atlantic Christian College (now Barton) in 1902 and was the second President. One of her great aunts was the librarian and another was a math professor.  Her grandmother was an alumna, her parents met there and are still active alums.  Parish’s sister is also a graduate of Barton. Her mother served on the Board of Trustees for a number of years and Parish was asked to join the Board six years ago.  She has served on the Student Affairs and Institutional Advancement committees and currently provides support in the areas of marketing and public relations. 

Through the years, her family established the Harper Scholarship Fund and the Parish Scholarship Fund.  These scholarships are presented to individual students, to support their academic education at Barton. 

Parish was overwhelmed by Goodmon’s generosity and by his naming the facility for her.

“What an honor it is to work for Jim Goodmon, who continually gives back to our community!” she said. “I see his generosity through the local specials, children’s programming and telethons I manage, and I realize how fortunate my team and I are to have these producing opportunities. Most stations do not produce these kinds of programs anymore.  We know we produce these projects because of Jim’s concern for the communities we serve.  And hopefully, these outreach programs make a positive difference in our viewers’ lives.  Now, he’s making a positive difference in the lives of Barton College students!  He’s an amazing leader, and I’m very proud to work for him.”

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