New Features Readied for Durham Bulls’ Opening Day

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New Features Readied for Durham Bulls’ Opening Day

Ballpark construction
Construction crews destroyed the old ticket office at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, making way for new offices that will be ready next year.

In just two weeks, the noisy rattle of construction at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park will be replaced by the crack of bats and balls, as DBAP officials continue work on a $1.5 million construction project.

“When fans come to the ballpark on April 5, this place is going to look a whole lot different from when they left,” said Bulls’ General Manager Mike Birling.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of bricks to be laid and lights to tinker with. Birling said the ball club tries to improve the game-day experience every year.

“We’re putting a video board up that’s three times the size of the one our fans are used to,” Birling said.

Fans will also enjoy a new picnic section in the right-field Diamond View area.

“This one is where groups of 20 can come out and have a picnic, but it will be a set menu,” Birling said. “Then they can go into their seats in Diamond View.”

Check out the WRAL-TV video of the ballpark changes underway.

The old Mangum Street ticket office is gone. It’s being replaced by a brand-new office building which should be completed by this time next year. This season, all visitors to the ballpark will enter through the Blackwell Street side of the DBAP.

Birling noted that crews are picking up steam and working double-time to ensure they’re done by April 5.

“That’s the good thing about having a date like Opening Day — you don’t have a choice but to be ready,” he said.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Julia Lewis for this capcom story & Pete James for this capcom photo.

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