Local Talent Wins FOX 50 Slot for Idol Audition in Philly

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Tara-Lynn Sharrock
Tara-Lynn Sharrock wows the judges and the crowd at the FOX 50 Idol Audition, winning a slot in the actual Idol auditions in Philly.

Tara-Lynn Sharrock is on her way to Philadelphia to audition for American Idol.  The 20- year-old artist from Youngsville, NC, will get a guaranteed spot in front of the AI producers this weekend thanks to FOX 50.  She battled with 99 other contestants at Crabtree Valley Mall on Saturday, August 18, 2007, to win FOX 50’s Idol Audition.

FOX 50 viewers may remember Sharrock from the 2006 season of the station’s local Idol show, Gimme the Mike.  But her appearance had nothing to do with her winning this recent contest.  That was attributed to her striking audition on Saturday.

A crowd of hundreds lined up for the 100 audition slots, and a crowd mobbed the center court to watch.

“I sincerely believe, and have said this to several others,” said FOX 50 Marketing & Promotion Manager Kevin Kolbe, “I believe she has a good shot with at least making it to the Hollywood Round.”

Over 300 hopefuls lined up at the mall for a shot at winning the trip to Philadelphia and American Idol audition slot.  The first 100 eligible contestants got a chance to sing for the judges and the hundreds of spectators at the mall. 

What does the win mean for Sharrock?  “She is guaranteed an audition with the producers,” explained Kolbe.  “If she gets past that round, she’ll go before another producer then Simon, Paula & Randy if she makes it that far. Why this is important is she WILL be seen, whereas not everyone in line (the general public) necessarily will.”

The group of finalists awaits the winning announcement.
Tara-Lynn Sharrock & Diane Ramsey
WRAL-FM’s Diane Ramsey (right) interviews Sharrock after her win.

WRAL-FM On-Air Personality Diane Ramsey emceed the event as the 100 singers competed in groups of ten.  The winners from each round then faced off in a final audition.

Ramsey’s fellow WRAL-FM Personality Ray Thomas served on the judges’ panel along with Dave Rose of Deep South Entertainment, Rusty Harmon of MTM Music Management and local country artist Heather Green.

The American Idol Philadelphia auditions will take place on Monday, August 27th.  Good luck Tara-Lynn!

Visit FOX50.com’s Idol Results section for a photo gallery & link to a clip of Sharrock’s winning audition.

Thanks to FOX 50 for these capcom photos.


POSTED: August 24, 2007

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