Durham Bulls Baseball – Family Bargain at $36.50

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Durham Bulls Baseball – Family Bargain at $36.50

Family The best bargain in family entertainment, a long-time claim of Minor League Baseball, has shown again this year it is a statement of fact and not merely a slogan. A family of four can experience the enjoyment of a game, complete with dinner, for about $50, while a Durham Bulls game bottoms out at $36.50, almost $10 per game less than the Short Season/Rookie League cost.

That’s just one of many reasons why Minor League Baseball is so popular with fans and is well on its way to setting an all-time attendance record for the fourth straight season. Attending a game is a special treat, but not an infrequent occasion. Families can afford to return to stadiums around the country on a regular basis.

A survey of the 159 affiliated teams in the U.S. and Canada shows that the bargain price is the industry average, from the top level Triple-A teams right down through the short-season Rookie leagues.

The basis for the survey is a normal night at the ballpark with

  • two adult tickets,
  • two child tickets,
  • four hot dogs, two sodas,
  • two beers,
  • a program and
  • parking – an all-inclusive evening.

The industry average is just $49.70, ranging from

  • $57.90 for Triple-A;
  • $50.91 for Double-A;
  • $51.38 for full-season Class A; and
  • $45.71 for the Short-Season-A/Rookie classification.

The ticket prices are based on the most economical seat in the stands that is available for every game all season. As dollar-friendly as this is, Minor League Baseball is an even bigger bargain from a practical standpoint.

Nearly every team has even lower prices for special games, whether it is a certain night of the week or a sponsored game by a local business or some other special event. And many teams have reduced prices for senior citizens and/or military personnel as well.

To see Minor League Baseball’s complete cost breakdown, click here.

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.


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