Will Ferrell Appears on 99.9 FM The Fan

99.9 The Fan

Will Ferrell Appears on 99.9 FM The Fan

Will Ferrell on The Fanatics
The Fanatics interview popular actor Will Ferrell.

Not every day do you get to sit down with a real-life American Basketball Association star from the Flint Michigan Tropics.

It’s especially hard to do when that team doesn’t even exist.

But Mike Maniscalco and Dan Mason of 99.9 FM The Fan did just that when they met Will Ferrell, portraying Jackie Moon in the new comedy, “Semi-Pro,” which opens in theaters February 29.   The duo interviewed Ferrell/Moon on Monday, February 25, 2008.

When asked if the Tropics might move to Raleigh, Jackie Moon replied: “I don’t think it’s going to happen. Raleigh isn’t big enough for the Tropics.”

He goes on in the interview about his days as a collegiate basketball player for North Carolina A&T, where he averaged 15 steals per game in a season. Moon says that he wanted to stay away from the pressure of playing at a big university such as UNC or Duke.

When Ferrell finally stopped by, he gave the guys a few hints as to what type of sports movie he might do next.

Want to know? Well, you’ll have to listen.


Thanks to WRAL.com for this capcom story & photo.


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