Old Bull River Flowing Again

American Tobacco

Old Bull River Flowing Again

Bull River
The waterfalls at the top of Old Bull River are now aroar again thanks to recycled water.

The Old Bull River at American Tobacco in downtown Durham has now come back to life.   More water arrived on the campus on Monday, April 7, 2008.  After five days of deliveries equaling about 500,000 gallons of water, the river is roaring through American Tobacco campus once again.

“It is so nice to have that sound back!” said ATC Sales Marketing/Events Manager Valerie Ward.

Water truck
A truck brings another delivery.
Bull River
Water now flows heartily through Bull River, which had sat silent due to the drought.

The river was bone dry after American Tobacco shut it down due to the drought affecting the Triangle.  But through an innovative water recycling program, American Tobacco came up with the idea of using reclaimed water from the City of Durham.  The recycled water isn’t suitable for drinking, but perfect for the filling of the Bull River.

American Tobacco paid the expense to have the water delivered to the campus. 

“The water in the river re-circulates,” explained Ward.  “Any water loss is due to evaporation.  If we don’t get rain water to replace the loss, we will, on occasion, have to bring in a truck of reclaimed water.”

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Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for these capcom photos.


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