MIX 101.5 – Your Free Gas Station

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MIX 101.5 – Your Free Gas Station

gas As gas is getting frighteningly near $4.00 per gallon, MIX 101.5 is helping its listeners with the pinch.   MIX 101.5 is giving away a free $101 gas card every hour from 7am til 5pm, every weekday until June 6th. 

Just listen for the MIX Van to run out of gas, be the 10th caller at 919-860-1015 and instantly win $101 in free gas from MIX 101.5, your Free Gas Station!

“We can’t do much about the skyrocketing gas prices, but we can certainly try and ease our listeners pains at the pump,” said MIX Program Director Barry Fox. 

Bill & Sheri kick-off the winning every morning at 7am.

***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families are not eligible to win
MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM contests.***


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