WRAListens Focuses on Eastern Wake


WRAListens Focuses on Eastern Wake

WRAListens WRAL-TV recently went to the historic Beaver Dam Plantation in Knightdale to talk to seven community leaders in eastern Wake County about the assets and challenges of the area. The 30-minute program will air on WRAL-TV on Saturday, July 26, 2008, at 7:30pmWRAListens Eastern Wake will be rebroadcast on MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM on Sunday morning, July 27th.

Retired WRAL-TV Anchor Charlie Gaddy moderated the discussion among seven individuals with a variety of ties in Eastern Wake County. 

The panelists are:

  • Alyce Body- Stewart, owner of ABDebs Books & Gifts, Knightdale’s first book store
  • Charlie Silver, Owner of Beaver Dam Plantation
  • Bob Matheny, Mayor of Zebulon
  • Linda Johnson, Director of the Eastern Wake Foundation
  • Lori Millberg, Wake County School Board member
  • Billy Wilder, former Mayor of Knightdale
  • Doug Boyd, former Mayor of Knightdale

Population growth and how to managing it was first on the list.  Silver said that due to the area’s proximity to Raleigh, eastern Wake has seen an expansion of its population.  He said the challenge it to manage the growth since nothing can be done to stop it.  Others in the group commented on how to make the growth environmentally friendly and to keep the water supply even with the growth.

The population growth has also put pressure on the schools.  And the discussion of schools segued into a debate about at- Large elections vs. district election of school board members: 

The panelists also talked about gang activity and illegal immigration. 

Thanks to NCNN’s Ellen Reinhardt for contributions to this capcom story.



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