CBC Demonstrates Latest Technology at Private Reception

Mobile TV Demo
CBC demonstrates Mobile TV via laptop, GPS & MPH prototypes.

On Tuesday, July 22, 2008, a group of guests from the Triangle got a chance to see the latest and greatest in mobile technology thanks to CBC, WRAL-TV and CBC’s New Media Group.   The crowd gathered at The State Club on the Centennial campus in Raleigh to see the public unveiling of Mobile TV.

CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon told the crowd it has been 12 years, as of Wed, July 23rd, since CBC launched our HD signal.  He said your telephone is the next media platform and WRAL-TV needs to be there.

The presentation began with a video explaining the new technology.  Watch here. Attendees then saw mobile television via the MPH, Mobile Pedestrian Handheld, prototype and on a GPS system and a laptop, too….live, over the air WRAL! 

CBC NMG Vice President & General Manager Jimmy Goodmon helped field questions about the new technology.

The actual service will not be available until later in 2009.

The private reception & demonstration continued a week of the first field tests of mobile digital television technology.  The new MPH system allows local broadcasters to deliver digital television to mobile devices including cell phones, laptops and personal media players.  The ATSC-compatible MPH system allows users to watch their favorite broadcast programs on the go – even when traveling in fast-moving vehicles.

Mobile TV demo
CBC took the show on the road, giving attendees a chance to watch Mobile TV while riding on a bus.

“Tuesday night’s event was all about giving members of our community the opportunity to experience the next big step in broadcast television technology,” said Jimmy Goodmon.  “It took the efforts and cooperation of a number of people in the company to pull the night off without a hitch.  Thanks especially to [WRAL-TV Director of Local Production] Phyllis Parish and the Creative Services team, [WRAL-TV Chief Engineer] Pete Socket and the WRAL Engineering team, and [CBC NMG NOW General Manager] Sam Matheny and [CBC NMG Local Tech Wire Sales & Marketing Manager] Marc Montoro who made the event a success.”

“MPH … is an early version of what will become the mobile DTV standard in the United States,” explained Matheny.  “It was developed by LG Electronics and Harris Corporation, two long time partners of CBC and WRAL-DT.  We have installed new equipment at the WRAL transmitter than enables us to broadcast MPH within WRAL’s digital signal.   We have a variety of prototype devices ranging from mobile phones to GPS devices to laptop computer tuners that we are using to receive and display the broadcasts.”

CBC & WRAL are broadcasting two channels of mobile video for the field tests taking place this week. The first is a simulcast of WRAL and the second a loop of a WRAL documentary that explains the transition from analog to digital television.

“We are doing this for a variety of reasons,” said Matheny.  “First, because we believe mobile is a great platform for us to reach our viewers wherever they are, even when they are on the go.  Having a mobile broadcast will enable WRAL to reach more viewers more often and help us better serve our communities and advertisers.  Second, we want to show our community what is possible with mobile and provide a glimpse of the future.  And finally, this is one of the nation’s first trials (the first in NC) and we want to use the system so we can learn as much as possible about its performance and capabilities.”

CBC is committed to being a leader in technology, often helping write the manuals for emerging equipment.  And Mobile TV is no exception.

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Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Bill Burch for these capcom photos.



Mobile TV Demo Reception

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