NCNN Looks at Use of Pesticides & Their Effect on Food Purchasing


NCNN Looks at Use of Pesticides & Their Effect on Food Purchasing

Earlier this summer, the Food and Drug Administration recommended consumers stop eating three types of tomatoes amid a mysterious salmonella scare.

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NCNN 5-part series “An Appetite for Change”
NCNN Series
will air on WRAL-FM, 99.9 The Fan & NCNN affiliates
weekend of Aug 16th & 17th

WRAL-TV Focal Point Documentary “Practical Application”
will air on WRAL-TV
Wed, Aug 20th at 7pm

The outbreak sickened more than 1,200 people, cost farmers an estimated $100 million, and represented the latest in a string of incidents in which tainted food has forced consumers to rethink how their produce was grown and delivered to the marketplace.  

In “An Appetite for Change” the North Carolina News Network examines how recent recalls and worries about pesticide exposure have shaped our buying habits.

Even as North Carolina is increasing its oversight of restricted-use pesticides, more consumers are deciding to buy locally grown organic produce. Americans are now spending nearly $16 billion annually to get pesticide-free produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and a host of other “natural alternatives.”

The five-part series examines how North Carolina farms are capitalizing on this profitable niche. At the same time, high-tech companies in Research Triangle Park are developing new tools to improve the tracking of our food.
WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM, and affiliates of the North Carolina News Network will air the series the weekend of August 16th and 17th.
The series will also be available online starting August 18th. Visit:

WRAL-TV will air its next Focal Point documentary, “Practical Application” about worker safety in the application of agricultural pesticides in North Carolina on Wed, Aug 20th at 7pm. Stay tuned to capcom for details.

Thanks to NCNN’s Clayton Henkel for this capcom story.



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