Wilmington to Debut DTV Transition


Wilmington to Debut DTV Transition

Digital TV Some residents in Wilmington on Monday, Sept 8, 2008, got a better picture and better sound on their TVs, and some lost their signal.

Wilmington is the test market for the Digital TV transition.

WRAL.com carried LIVE coverage of the switch from WILM in Wilmington beginning at 10:30am.

Starting at noon, all stations in the Wilmington area turned off their analog signals and broadcast only in digital.

Watch the Video of the WRAL-TV story: Wilmington to debut DTV transition

The DTV transition goes into effect for the entire country on Feb. 17, 2009. However, the nation will be watching as Wilmington makes the first test run.

“The images are much clearer, digital versus analog. The sound is clearer,” said Frank Donaldson, with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

To find out more about the DTV transition, click here .

Thanks to WRAL.com’s Kelly Hinchcliffe, WRAL-TV’s Erin Coleman & WRAL-TV’s John Cox for this capcom story.



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