MIX 101.5’s Operation Hydration Draws 15,024 Bottles of Water for USO

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MIX 101.5’s Operation Hydration Draws 15,024 Bottles of Water for USO

Operation Hydration
MIX 101.5’s Vanna Fox (center) joins USO volunteers at Operation Hydration.
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WRAL-FM MIX 101.5’s Operation Hydration will go down in the history books as a big success.   MIX and the AT&T Pioneers collected over $3,500 for the USO RDU Center and 628 cases of bottled water on Friday, May 22, 2009.  That totals 15,024 bottles of water thanks to the great & generous listeners of MIX 101.5.  What a celebration for the start of the Memorial Day weekend, honoring our troops.

The bottled water will be distributed through the USO of North Carolina at the RDU Center.  The RDU Center averages over 2,000 troops per month that use the services while traveling through the RDU airport.  The USO of North Carolina is sole supporting, meaning that neither the USO Headquarters in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Government, nor the Department of Defense provide any funding.  So the water donations will go a long way towards help the USO of North Carolina help troops traveling through Raleigh.

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“When we were approached by AT&T and the USO we knew this would be the type of event that would get a strong, positive response from our listeners, and it did,” said WRAL-FM Vice President & General Manager Ardie Gregory.  “It once again shows us that people are looking for ways to help others and if we, their station of choice, give them an opportunity they always respond.”

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Luanne Tart for these capcom photos.


MIX 101.5’s Operation Hydration

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