The NC News Network Examines “Storm Safety


The NC News Network Examines “Storm Safety”

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most violent phenomena. And while the Tar Heel state averages just 20 twisters a year, North Carolina ranks first in the nation with the greatest percentage of fatalities caused by night time tornadoes.

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NCNN Series “Storm Safety”
NCNN Series
aired on WRAL-FM, 99.9 The Fan & NCNN affiliates
weekend of May 30 & 31st
Listen starting June 1st

WRAL-TV Focal Point Documentary “Twist of Fate”
will air on WRAL-TV
Wed, June 3rd at 7pm

This month the North Carolina News Network revisits Elm City, Riegelwood, and Raleigh to hear from residents who lived through some of the most damaging tornadoes to strike the state in recent memory.

The five-part radio series “Storm Safety” also examines what all North Carolinians should know before, during, and after a tornado strikes.

WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM, and affiliates of the North Carolina News Network will air the series the weekend of May 30th and 31st. The series will also be available online starting June 1st. Visit:

WRAL-TV will air its next Focal Point documentary, “Twist of Fate” about the worst tornadoes that have hit North Carolina, and other storm information, on Wed, June 3rd at 7pm.

Thanks to NCNN’s Clayton Henkel for this capcom story.



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