WILM-TV’s Free Gas Giveaway

Free Gas
WILM viewers have been getting a chance to win free gas, simply by putting a WILM sticker on their cars.

CBS 10 WILM has been giving away free gas when gas prices are anything but cheap.

For a little over a month, citizens of Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas were able to walk into their local Scotchman gas station, pick up a WILM sticker and put it on the back windshield of their vehicle. When spotted by a WILM employee, vehicle owners were rewarded with a $50 gift card to participating Scotchman’s, to be used at the pump on fuel or inside the store!

The stickers were also adorned with a .49 cent coupon on the back for any fountain drink, coffee or cappuccino. Forty gas cards were given away to 40 lucky drivers who received a tank (or two) of free gas. The promotion ended on September 24th.

WILM sticker
These stickers meant a free tank of gas for 40 lucky WILM viewers.

WILM employees know had no problem finding the lucky winners.

“We’ve found up to 4 stickers in one day” said traffic manager Rhonda Beck, “We’ve had so much fun with this contest. It makes our day just as much as it makes theirs.”

Beck is right. WILM employees have had fun surprising people who are sometimes on their way to work or toting their kids to and from school.

Besides allowing the employees to make someone else’s day, the Gas Giveaway promotion has been great publicity for both Scotchman stores and CBS. It causes customers to enter the Scotchman’s multiple times and the stickers are a great advertisement for the station.

Thanks to WILM’s Cyndall Russell for this capcom story & these capcom photos.


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