WRAL.com Plays New Role in WRAL-TV Tower Lighting

Kathy Hanrahan
WRAL.com’s Kathy Hanrahan captures the behind-the-scenes at the WRAL Tower Lighting to stream it live on the Internet.

For the 50th annual tower lighting, WRAL.com added a behind-the-scenes feature.

It was part of our on-going experiment to bring more video, faster, from more places, to the Web and to our audience.

Web editor Kathy Hanrahan, equipped with a cobbled-together kit of laptop, camera, cards and cables, roamed the halls of WRAL-TV and the courtyard outside to capture raw excitement of the tower lighting.

Hanrahan narrated from behind the camera ad libbing for about 90 minutes.

She streamed it all live using a service called Justin.tv. Justin.tv ran a live stream and created clips each time Hanrahan stopped the camera. Those six clips have attracted more than 300 views in the days since the tower lighting. Not bad for an experiment.

You can watch the results here: http://www.justin.tv/clip/dd57c20c6e76cab5

Next time, we’ll know to use a better microphone and lighter laptop. Harahan said by the next day, her arms were sore! 

Thanks to CBC NMG’s Jodi Glusco for this capcom story.



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