WRAL-TV Named Outstanding News Operation By North Carolina Associated Press

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WRAL-TV Named Outstanding News Operation By North Carolina Associated Press

WRAL News was honored with nine total awards in the North Carolina Associated Press division one television contest, including a win in the Outstanding News Operation category. Overall, WRAL won 7 first place awards and 2 honorable mentions.

Winning entries:

Outstanding News Operation
  WRAL-TV logo
General News
Shaniya Davis’ Body Found
Lori Grant, James Ford, Adam Owens, Gerald Owens, Robert Meikle, Greg Clark, Debra Morgan, Kelly Riner
  Lori Grant James Ford Adam Owens
  Gerald Owens Robert Meikle Greg Clark
      Debra Morgan Kelly Riner
Locksmith Story
Cullen Browder & Greg Clark
    Cullen Browder Greg Clark
Best Health Report
Fighting Breast Cancer
Rick Armstrong & Dr. Allen Mask
    Rick Armstrong Dr. Allen Mask
Best Newswriting
Scott Mason
      Scott Mason
Best Website
Best Series
Edgecombe Murders
Mike Charbonneau, Erin Coleman (not pictured), Amanda Lamb
    Mike Charbonneau Amanda Lamb

Honorable Mention:

Twist of Fate
Clay Johnson & Jay Jennings
    Clay Johnson Jay Jennings
Best Newscast
Martha Woodward, Christine Bennett, Mick Evans, Dan Bowens, Sloane Heffernan, Keith Baker, Geof Levine, Ken Smith, Sally Smith
  Martha Woodward Christine Bowley Mick Evans
  Dan Bowens Sloane Heffernan Keith Baker
    Geof Levine Ken Smith Sally Smith

Best Consumer Report
Trashed Recycling
Monica Laliberte, Lori Lari & David McCorkle

  Monica Laliberte Lori Lair David McCorkle

WRAL News Director Rick Gall says, “It’s great to be recognized for the excellent work we do on a daily basis. My congratulations go out to the staff.”

The awards were presented on Saturday, March 27, 2010, in Greensboro, NC.

The awards banquet in Greensboro was attended by Gall, Assistant News Director Aysu Basaran, Anchor/Reporter Cullen Browder, Photojournalist Greg Clark, Reporter Mike Charbonneau and Producer Martha Woodward.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Shelly Leslie for this capcom story.


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