Charlotte’s WJZY and WMYT My TV12 Entertain Clients with Boost Your Business Breakfast Seminar

Lori Zannino & Cary Craig
WJZY/WMYT’s Lori Zannino (left) & Cary Craig greet attendees at the Boost Your Business Breakfast Seminar on Oct 27th.

Charlotte’s WJZY and WMYT My TV12 held the third event in a series of Boost Your Business Breakfast Seminars on Wednesday, October 27, 2010, at the Charlotte Southpark Marriott.  

The guest speaker was John Formica. Formica has over 25 years of experience as a former Disney World Resort and Hotel Leader. 

Formica shared his incredible experiences and proven success strategies to help our clients create magical customer experiences and culture in their organizations.

“When you build relationships first you create a business that will last,” said Formica. 

Boost Your Business
The October breakfast is the third in the series.
John Formica
John Formica speaks to the crowd about his 25 years of experience iwth Disney World Resorts.

Guests enjoyed breakfast and had a fun morning with lots of stories and real life Disney examples on ways Disney creates an atmosphere and ‘moments’ for their guests. 

“In a challenging economy it’s important to differentiate your organization from your competition and to be able to compete,” said Formica. 

The seminar focused on learning how to communicate and sell to the different styles of people you encounter.  Formica put these people in four different categories:

  • Doers…who like to “get it done now”
  • Social Fantasizers…who like to focus on “fun and attention”
  • Relators…who like “people and focus on the benefits”
  • Analysts…who like “details, facts and information”

Formica closed with ”Like leads to trust.  Trust leads to relationships.  Relationships lead to buying.”

Thanks to WZJY’s Angela Golden for this capcom story & these capcom photos.



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