Bulls Announce Plans for Clash of the Concessions

Durham Bulls logo Bulls Announce Plans for Clash of the Concessions

Concessions The Durham Bulls recently released details of a new contest allowing the fans to create, select and win a season’s worth of a new food item at the concessions stands in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park this year.

Clash of the Concessions will allow fans to submit their ideas or recipes from now until February 18th for a new food item at the DBAP for the 2011 season. The Bulls will select the three best ideas, then make them available for the fans to sample and vote on at Fanfest on March 4th and 5th at the ballpark. The winning submission will become the new featured item at the ballpark this summer and the person who made the submission will win a season’s worth of the new food item!

“This is a fun way for us to add a new food choice while giving the fans a say in what we are serving,” Durham Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said, “I know I’m looking forward to trying some of the new ideas.”

Anyone interested in submitting an idea can do so by clicking here. All submissions must be received by February 18th to be considered.

***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families are not eligible to win Durham Bulls contests.***

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.


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