CBC Writer Releases Debut Album as Benefit for Alzheimer’s North Carolina

CBC Writer Releases Debut Album as Benefit for Alzheimer’s North Carolina

Together We'll Go
CBC’s Andrea Osborne recorded “Together We’ll Go” as a tribute to her mother & a fundraiser for Alzheimers North Carolina.

Corporate Communications Specialist Andrea Osborne has just released her first CD, a tribute to her mother, with a lot of help from CBC.   “Together We’ll Go” began as a thought almost a year ago, a way for Osborne to give a special gift to her mother and to hopefully provide hope and healing for many others.

In the fall of 2010, Osborne and her family realized her mother most likely had Alzheimer’s.

“At the time Mom was only 64, and in retrospect we realized that we’d been seeing signs for about a year before that, so this news has been particularly devastating,” said Osborne.  “My Mom has three young grandchildren and so much life left to live.”

After a battery of tests and a PET scan a few months later, Osborne and her family found out with as much certainty as is possible with this disease that her Mom did have early onset Alzheimer’s.

Andrea, Alicia & Mom
Corp’s Andrea Osborne was inspired to create “Together We’ll Go” out of love for her mother, Shirley Hodgin, and as a legacy for her young daughter, Alicia.
Andrea & her Mom
Osborne hopes to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s and to support her mother and others with the disease.

“We cannot stop nor slow down the freight train that is heading towards Mom,” said Osborne.  “However, we can do we all we can to show her our support, help others families that are dealing with this insidious disease and work to fund research to find a cure.”

Osborne set about doing just that.  Her belief in the healing power of music inspired her to record a CD for her mother.  “Together We’ll Go” includes 14 songs of healing, hope and love.  The tracks come from a wide variety of songwriters, but together they say all the things she wants to say to her Mom. 

Osborne had a lot of help along the way.  CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon got behind the project, providing encouragement and the funding to get the CD made.  After that initial cost is repaid, all net proceeds will go to Alzheimer’s North Carolina.  So CBC has helped Osborne on the path to giving a big gift to the non-profit that helps those with the disease, their families & caregivers.

WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie joins Osborne on the second track of the album with vocals and his Celtic whistle.  He kindly mentored her throughout the project.

“Soulful, intimate, heartwarming and tender,” said Leslie.  “Those are some of the adjectives that spring up after listening to this glorious album.  When Andrea sings you feel like she is singing directly to you.  What a golden and expressive voice!   I was thrilled to be a guest musician among a solid core of performers.  I can’t believe this is Andrea’s first album.  It sounds like the work of a gifted veteran.”

Jonathan Byrd, Andrea Osborne & Bill Leslie
WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie (r to l) joins Corp’s Andrea Osborne on a track at Overdub Lane recording studio along with guitarist Jonathan Byrd.
John Plymale, Tift Merritt & Andrea Osborne
Osborne (r to l) poses withsinger-songwriter Tift Merritt & engineer John Plymale after a great afternoon in the studio.

Other notable musicians contributed their talents to the record including Grammy-nominated and Raleigh-native singer-songwriter Tift Merritt, Steep Canyon Rangers fiddler Nicky Sanders, accomplished guitarist & songwriter Jonathan Byrd and singer-songwriter Anne Sibley, who won the Prairie Home Companion duet competition a few years ago with her husband.

Osborne also pooled from her family for the album.  Her husband, Jay, contributes guitar on several songs, and their 7-year-old daughter, Alicia, sings with her as well.  Other gifted artists included friend and budding singer-songwriter Sarah Osborne, cellist Jake Wenger, and harmonica player Bill Newton.

The album came together at Overdub Lane recording studio in Durham under the accomplished hand of engineer John Plymale.

And WRAL-TV Anchor Debra Morgan connected Osborne with Alzheimers North Carolina, on whose board Morgan serves.  The anchor has been a devoted cheerleader and help along the way, along with many other wonderful and talented CBC’ers.  FOX 50 Art Director 1 Gayle Hardy did all the artwork for the album, and WRAL-TV Creative Director Shelly Leslie took all the photos.

Mom & Andrea“I can never properly thank the awe-inspiring number of people who contributed to this CD & supported me while I was making it,” said Osborne.  “The outpouring of love for my Mom and our family has been a profound blessing. So many people put their heart & soul into this album.  Many worked at free or reduced rates out of the goodness of their hearts.  What a journey.  I’ve been so blessed.”

Contact Osborne at aosborne@cbc-raleigh.com or visit her website at www.andrea-osborne.com. CDs are $15.00 with $2.50 shipping & handling. All net proceeds to to Alzheimer North Carolina.


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