WRAL-TV Wins Two-on-Two Globetrotter Match-Up with CBC Radio Stars

99.9 The Fan620 The Buzz
Mark Thomas, Kevin Holmes, Lynda Loveland & Cullen Browder
It’s co-worker against co-worker as WRAL-TV’s Cullen Browder (right) & WRAL-TV’s Kevin Holmes (center left) play a 2 on 2 basketball game against 99.9 The Fan’s Mark Thomas & WRAL-FM’s Lynda Loveland.

The Harlem Globetrotters put on a quite a show at the RBC Center on Friday night, March 2nd, but the half-time show featuring several CBC personalities stole the show.   WRAL-TV Reporters Cullen Browder & Kevin Holmes say they put the smack down on CBC radio personalities Mark Thomas (99.9 The Fan) and Lynda Loveland (MIX 101.5).

The WRAL-TV duo was full of bravado after the match-up.

“Let me start the smack talk by saying Cullen and I had them right where we wanted them,” said Holmes.  “We took an early 3 – 0 lead then let them catch up.  The 5 – 4 final does not reflect a close game.”

“We had to represent for TV,” said Browder.  “Once Kevin and I had it won, we felt it was for the good of the CBC family to let radio make it close,” said Browder.

Radio had another take on the 2 on 2 game.

TV vs Radio
The competition is fierce between CBC TV and Radio teams.
TV vs Radio

“I think if Mark and Lynda would’ve had another few seconds it definitely would’ve been a tie game!” said WRAL-FM Account Executive Barbara Purtee.  “They looked great and looked like they were having a blast. I was impressed with all 4 of them!”

In all seriousness, fun was the theme of the night. 

“In the words of Rasheed Wallace, ‘Both teams played hard’,” said Holmes.  “I had fun.” 

The WRAL Investigative Reporter was left with one nagging issue.

“My only question…Since we won, how is it that Loveland ends up going to Disney World?” said Browder.  “What’s up with that?”

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Barbara Purtee for these capcom photos.

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