11 Reasons to See the Bulls Down the Stretch

Durham Bulls logo 11 Reasons to See the Bulls Down the Stretch
By Wool E. Bull

Mini Wool E. GangThe Bull days of summer are upon us and time is running out for you to finally pay me and my friends a visit at the DBAP. Rather than write a blogpost recapping the awesome times we have in downtown Durham, I’ve decided to make a detailed list of 11 reasons to catch the 11 remaining Bulls games. Here goes my best David Letterman impression… would anyone like to be my Paul Schaffer?

11. Bark in the Park is back at the DBAP on Aug. 21. It’s not just you who should be headed down to the DBAP, bring your best friend too! Just make sure he knows I am not a chew toy.

10. Come see the Iconic snorting bull go off after a Bulls home run. (Wish I could blow smoke from my nose.)

9. Get here early to check out the coolest Bulls merchandise at the Ballpark Corner Store. I think it’s time you get that new Bulls T-Shirt you have been dreaming of.

8. Before you head back to school, take a few minutes to appreciate the person at the front of your class. The Bulls are set to host Teachers Appreciation Night on Aug. 23. (The E. in Wool E. Bull stands for education. We support it and so should you!)

7. Get to the park early and try to sign up for our awesome on-field promotions. Your lil’ guy or girl can join my Mini Wool E. gang and walk around the field like we own the joint!

6. Enjoy $1 hot dogs, popcorn, and fries on Aug. 23. A great game and food for a buck, what a bargain! Just remember you promised me that you would buy the popcorn this time.

5. There are five Fireworks shows left:  Aug. 18, 24, 25, 31, and Sept. 1. (We’ve included Saturday’s in August and September because we bought too many fireworks! Blue Monster told me we have to use them before they expire.)

4. Military Appreciation Night is on Aug. 24. Help recognize the brave heroes who protect this country. Nothing is more American than a ballgame.

3. Dancing Grounds Crew performances. Does a groundskeeper dance if no one is there to see it? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.

2. There are just two more Kids Run the Bases games: Aug. 19 and 26. AKA – Practice for the Wool E. Bull base race.

1. ME! Come spend a great summer night with the one and only Wool E. Bull! (You know you can’t resist coming to see me, I’m love-a-bull.)

If that won’t convince you to come down to a Bulls game, then give me a call at 919.956.BULL. Or better yet, why don’t you speak to me in person at the DBAP… okay you got me!

Just remember that after these 11 games there is just one last chance to visit the DBAP this season. The Bulls are excited to host the Gildan Triple-A National Championship Game on Tuesday, Sept. 18. I will have more on that it upcoming posts, but get excited people.

Okay, I am out, our groundskeeper took the day off…. See you this Saturday!

Thanks to Wool E. Bull & WRALSportsFan.com for this capcom story & photo.


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