American Tobacco Unveils New Team, New Programs

ATC logo American Tobacco Unveils New Team, New Programs to Engage Brands, Consumers

Jesica Averhart Launches New Brand Engagement Initiatives as Bull City BUCK$ Taps Marketing Expert Eric Weireter

Jesica Averhart
ATC Community Partnerships/New Business Development Manager Jesica Averhart
Eric Weireter
ATC Bull City BUCK$ In-Market Manager Eric Weireter

American Tobacco recently announced a new team and new programs designed to increase business and community engagement at what has become a national and international destination. This year alone brought to campus the President’s Council on Jobs and Effectiveness, Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, TechCrunch and a U.S. News & World Report feature crowning American Tobacco as the national model for revitalization.

To further enhance the campus as the go to destination for entertainment, business and community engagement, Jesica Averhart takes over Community Partnerships/New Business Development Manager and Eric Weireter as In-Market Manager for American Tobacco’s community engagement program Bull City BUCK$.

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In this role, Averhart will proactively seek new ways to partner with area organizations and companies, as well as create new initiatives to welcome the Triangle community to American Tobacco.

“A million people per year visit the American Tobacco district, so the opportunity for businesses and other organizations to meaningfully connect with consumers is enormous. My job will be to create the right opportunities and environments for interactivity,” said Averhart, who previously worked with General Electric and founded her own events management business.

As the hugely popular On the Lawn series attracts record crowds, Averhart is busy preparing for the biggest showing yet from the American Tobacco Tower Lighting and Triangle Christmas Tree Challenge.

Bull City BUCK$ Lands New Manager
Eric Weireter, MBA, will take the reins of the campus’ community engagement program, Bull City BUCK$. Eric will be responsible for daily management, marketing, participant and retailer engagement and development of Bull City BUCK$

Bull City BUCK$ is Durham’s newest and coolest loyalty rewards program. It gives you incentives for being a patron of Durham’s local shops and restaurants. No strings attached. All you have to do is use your mobile phone to scan any QR codes you discover while shopping or eating. The more you scan, the more BUCK$ you earn, and the more BUCK$ you can redeem.

Thanks to GBW Strategies’ Greg Behr for this capcom story.


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