Microspace Digital Cinema Celebrates 100 Hollywood Features Delivered

satellites Microspace recently announced that it passed the 100 movies delivered mark. The mark was passed with the deliveries of Relativity Media’s “21 and Over” and Sony Pictures “The Call”. These features were delivered to Microspace’s network of nearly 300 theatres across the United States and Canada.

Microspace is currently the only company in North America delivering Hollywood features, alternative content and live events to theatres. Since 2005, Microspace has delivered major motion pictures via satellite from nine Hollywood studios.

“As Microspace celebrates its 25th year of satellite broadcasting, we are thrilled to have reached this milestone in the motion picture industry. While the landscape has continued to be extremely competitive, studios have continued to support Microspace’s efforts based on our track record and business model”, said Joe Amor, vice president and general manager, Microspace.

Microspace now services nearly 300 theaters within the United States and Canada including Allen Theaters, B&B Theatres, Carmike Cinemas, Celebration! Cinemas, Cineplex Entertainment, Mann Theaters, Marquee Cinemas and Megaplex Cinemas.

“Our customers recognize Microspace’s leadership in digital cinema and appreciate the 25 years of satellite broadcasting experience we bring to the process. Microspace’s model is unique in the industry with delivery costs per location decreasing as the release schedule widens,” said Curt Tilly, director of digital cinema distribution, Microspace. “To date we have saved our combined studio and exhibitor partners literally hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the costs of hard-drive deliveries.”

Satellite distribution offers movie studios, live event producers, and alternative content providers a delivery system that is scalable, secure and cost-effective. For exhibitors, satellite distribution provides ease of use, reduced in and out of physical media, and potential additional revenue through live and alternative content.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story & photo.


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