Art of the Cool @ the Stack Perseveres: Al Strong Rain Out Concert Goes to Plan B

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Al Strong concert
The Art of Cool @ The Stack concert with Al Strong goes on despite inclement weather.
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American Tobacco launched two new music series this summer, Art of Cool @ The Stack and Center Stage, but Mother Nature had other plans.   Two Thursdays in a row rain caused the cancellation of concerts.  American Tobacco rescheduled Al Strong for Thursday, June 13, 2013, but rain struck again.  AT management was not to be deterred and came up with a Plan B.

ATC PR/Events Manager Valerie Ward does a lot of communicating with WRAL-TV Meteorologist Mike Maze in preparing for outdoor concerts.

“It’s a valuable resource when we are trying to decide to move forward or call it,” said Ward.  “They know my extension by heart!!”

On June 13th, she gave the WRAL a call.

“In speaking with Mike Maze at the WRAL Weather Center, we got the details of the storm and expected arrival time here in Durham,” said Ward.  “We definitely had the I-Control Interactive Doppler in motion to keep a visual track!”

Al Strong crowd
A small but happy crowd gathers for the Al Strong concert which moved in to the MissionPost Conference Room.

She shared the rest of the development of Plan B with CapCom.

The ATC Staff are all certified Crowd Control Managers. We first developed a plan with ATC Security to guide folks to the Strickland basement in case of a tornado.  Attendee safety is our highest priority.

We then tried to figure out where on the property we could move the concert if we experienced less severe weather.  The closest and best option to the Stack was the conference room in the new Mission Post space.  The old conference table had been recently removed and we were waiting on the delivery of the new table. 

Luckily, the crowd was small – about 12 adults and 8 children.  It was cozy, but those who braved the bad weather were treated to a very personal concert by Al and his band.

The Art of Cool @ the Stack series will resume in the Fall with another 4 consecutive Thursday concerts.

Art of Cool @ The Stack

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Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for contributions to this capcom story & for these capcom photos.


Art of Cool @ The Stack – Al Strong Rainout Concert

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