WRAL Post 5 Students Create ‘Stay In School’ PSAs

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WRAL Post 5 PSAsOver the past three years, the thrust of Post 5 has shifted to reflect changes in our industry.   Now the young adults that join are offered a wide range of experiences and a chance to be on the inside of numerous discussions about broadcasting and video production.  They get to try their hand as all of the crew positions of a newscast from directing and audio to news anchoring and doing the weather in chromakey. 

Many of the WRAL and FOX50 professionals volunteer their time to speak to the group about their career track and what makes their job so special.  But with more and more opportunities opening up in the area of content creation, this year WRAL-TV Station Manager Jim Rothschild and FOX 50 Creative Services Director Kevin Kolbe developed a new challenge for the teens. 

“Many of these kids come in with hands-on experience either from school or their laptop at home.  We wanted to see what would happen if we challenged them to produce a professional quality PSA,” said Rothschild. 

“When Jim approached me to mentor them through this experiment, I already knew the subject to target,” said Kolbe.  “I had been wanting to tackle the problem of high school dropouts.” 

The large group was divided up into small teams and the competition began for the best spot urging kids to stay in school.  With Kolbe’s creative direction and the members’ ingenuity, two of the spots emerged as the clear winners. 

Here are links to watch the two messages. 

WRAL Post 5 Stay in School PSA – “I’m Out”
WRAL Post 5 Stay in School PSA – “Where Will You Be?”

Let us know what you think, and watch for them airing on WRAL and FOX50 soon. 

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jim Rothschild for this capcom story & these PSA videos.

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