FOX50 Wins National Sales Contest for Second Year in a Row

Cindy Hoegg Erica Porter Phillipe Charles
FOX 50 Sales Staffers Cindy Hoegg (l to r), Erica Porter & Phillipe Charles bust a move to propel FOX 50 to a win a FOX 50 Sales Summit Award.
So You Think You Can Dance

Each year the FOX Network distribution group along with the affiliate Sales Advisory Committee asks stations to submit entries for the most creative and successful sales campaigns that leverage the FOX brand.   Three awards are given out under the categories of Entertainment, Sports and use of Social Media. 

On July 10, 2013, the annual FOX Sales Summit was held in Raleigh at the downtown Sheraton and was attended by over fifty representatives from nearly twenty FOX affiliates in the Southeast.  

FOX 50 danced away as the only winner in the country under the Entertainment category, with Account Executive Michelle Garrett’s “John Hiester Automotive Show Us What Your Legs Can Do, So You Think You Can Dance” promotion! 

Terri Overby, FOX 50’s Marketing Coordinator, helped conceive the campaign and built the contest web page. 

“In Summer 2012, FOX sent us this portable So You Think You Can Dance portable stage, at the same time, Hiester Automotive wanted to push their new Lifetime Engine Guarantee Service (LEGS),” said Overby. “Michelle, Niel Sollod and I met and customized a promotion to fit the needs and goals for John Hiester’s Dealership; a photo contest of customers dancing at an auto dealership…it was an unconventional, yet perfect match!” 

“Just like with all her clients, Michelle has a relationship with John Hiester as a trusted consultant,” said Niel Sollod, FOX50’s Director of Local Sales.  “It was no ‘waltz in the park’ but she convinced John to dance in his commercial, and it was a success!”

Several other FOX 50 employees showed off their moves in the commercial and web campaign.  Cindy Hoegg and Erica Porter, FOX 50 Sales Assistants, busted more than a few moves while Phillipe Charles, FOX 50 Creative Services Producer, was captured in a photo doing an impressive mid-air disco dive. 

Michelle Garrett is the proud winner of a new lazy boy chair courtesy of FOX and will save her dance moves for off camera.

“I appreciated the opportunity to get involved with a great prime time show on FOX,” said Garrett. “I believe in presenting ideas, promotions, and opportunities where it makes the MOST sense for the client. And when I believe that what I have to sell and/or offer the client is ‘doing the right thing for them’ and is beyond just another spot buy for me…..they see me as a marketing partner and not just a sales rep.”

Last year, FOX 50 Sales won for Social Media with the Lip Dub campaign.  Will it be a three-peat next year?  Stay tuned!

Thanks to FOX 50’s Niel Sollod for this capcom story & these capcom photos.


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