Midweek Music Debuts at American Tobacco Campus, Weds, Aug. 14

ATC logo Midweek Music Debuts at American Tobacco Campus, Weds, Aug. 14
Hump Day Learns to Hum w/ Four Free Shows

Midweek Music Series From baseball to Broadway, beers to business, American Tobacco prides itself on having something for everyone. Now, the free Midweek Music Series invites lovers of music and mingling to re-charge their batteries on Wednesday nights throughout the summer and fall: 6-9pm, Aug. 14 (The Embers), Aug. 28 (The Breakfast Club), Sept. 4 (Abbey Road Live) and Sept. 25 (The Dickens).

Midweek is the perfect, toe-tapping way to take off the midweek edge and keep the weekend in your sights. It rounds out a stellar array of entertainment offerings at American Tobacco, including the Center Stage concert series.

Located in Diamond View Park, Center Stage is designed to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with a major community gathering complete with food trucks and an activity zone for kids. Located on the grass within American Tobacco’s traditional campus, Midweek is an intimate way to see friends and enjoy the campus’ restaurants, which came together to help produce the new series. 

“Center Stage is American Tobacco’s big top circus; Midweek is the backyard bash — that’s the way I look at it and why it makes such good sense,” says Valerie Ward, American Tobacco’s director of marketing and events. “They complement each other perfectly.”

Adds Daniel Kulenic of the ever-popular Tyler’s Taproom: “‘More’ has become the theme in Durham and at American Tobacco. There’s always something new and exciting happening. A very relaxed, organic partnership between American Tobacco’s restaurants, campus leaders and local brews made the Midweek chapter in the ‘more’ story possible. Which just goes to show, if you’ve got a good idea, bring it here!”

Thanks toATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom story & graphic.


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