Join The Debate About College Sports with WRAL’s Social TV Event

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Join The Debate About College Sports with WRAL’s Social TV Event
“College $ports: #missionormoney”

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
6:30-8:30pm EST

Mandy Mitchell & Shelly Leslie
WRAL Sports Anchor Mandy Mitchell (left) and WRAL Creative Director Shelly Leslie review the iPad-based tool that lets Mitchell show Tweets on TV.

As WRAL-TV readies to air its latest documentary, “College $ports: #missionormoney“, our revolutionary approach is garnering national attention.

“WRAL-TV is breaking ground again, this time, local programming,” writes Deborah McAdams on

The two-hour interactive WRAL documentary “College $ports: #missionormoney,” anchored by WRAL Sports Anchor Jeff Gravley, examines the multi-billion dollar industry of big time college sports, the influence of money on the game, and whether reforms are needed to protect the integrity of our major academic institutions.

CBC Vice President of Policy & Innovation Sam Matheny told NetCheckNews, “Our idea is that this makes the program more compelling, encourages a conversation that we really feel needs to be had and appeals to a bigger audience.”

WRAL-TV Documentary Producer Clay Johnson discusses the program in his Behind the Doc blog on

“Many reforms to big-time college sports have been talked about – from paying student athletes to eliminating athletic scholarships,” said Johnson.  “Those would be tough choices to make, and it seems that every potential reform creates another potential problem.”

He also asks questions to get the conversation going.  Check out Johnson’s blog here:

Also get a behind the scenes look at how the social networking aspect of the documentary is coming together on

Viewers can participate on twitter and facebook using the hashtag #missionormoney. 

“College $ports: #missionormoney” airs on WRAL-TV and 99.9 The Fan sports radio and live-streams on on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.  Here’s the Social TV Event Schedule:

6:30pm EST Pre-game socialcast with Adam Gold & Joe Ovies broadcast on 99.9 The Fan and WRAL2
7:00pm EST Documentary on WRAL-TV
8:00pm EST Post-game socialcast with Adam Gold & Joe Ovies broadcast on 99.9 The Fan and WRAL2

Viewers can watch the entire 2-hour event live at or locally on WRAL2, over the air on 5.2 or TimeWarnerCable digital channel 106. 

The conversation about the program has already started on twitter. Search #missionormoney and join the discussion while watching. Follow @WRALdoc for live tweeting, exclusive clips, and information on past and future documentaries.

Mission or Money

WRAL Documentary is one of the only dedicated documentary units in local TV. Its mission is to provide in-depth coverage of topics and issues relevant to North Carolinians.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Debbie Tullos for contributions to this capcom story & graphic. Thanks to’s Jodi Glusco for this capcom photo.

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