WRAL’s Mike Maze Captured in Garner Cornfield

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WRAL’s Mike Maze Captured in Garner Cornfield

“You know you’ve made it when your face shows up in a corn maze!!!”
– WRAL-TV Meteorologist Mike Maze

Mike Maze corn maze
Ken’s Korny Corn Maze in Garner mowed their 2013 maze in the likeness of WRAL-TV Meteorologist Mike Maze.

WRAL-TV frequently refers to our Meteorologist Mike Maze as a-Maze-ing, but this fall his last name is getting another meaning.   Ken’s Korny Corn Maze has mowed his likeness into their corn field for their annual fall entertainment. 

“This is definitely a first for me,” said Maze.  “The grandest thing for me prior to this was having my face on a billboard along with Mark Roberts way back when I worked on the morning news. I am definitely honored to have my face carved into a field of corn.”

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze staffers messaged WRAL’s Maze on Facebook back during the spring with the idea of having WRAL represented in the corn maze they create every fall at their location on Hwy 50 in Garner.

“They thought that since they have a MAZE, that Mike Maze would have a good candidate to have in their Corn Maze,” said Maze.  “I talked it over with promotions and WRAL’s Shelly Leslie and Debbie Tullos loved the idea. We meet with the folks at Ken’s and we came up with a prototype for a MAZE. The corn was planted in July and the maze was born!”

The maze opened for business on Saturday, September 14, 2013, and will stay open through November 10th.  Maze is looking forward to checking it out during the live WRAL weather segments he’ll be broadcasting during WRAL’s newscasts from Ken’s on Friday, Oct 11th. 

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze will host WRAL Day on Saturday. Maze and fellow WRAL meteorologists Mike Moss and Nate Johnson will be on hand to greet crowds and sign autographs during the event. It will also be the start of WRAL’s 25th annual Coats for the Children project. $1 of every ticket sold on WRAL day helps the Salvation Army buy warm coats and new toys for children in need. 

For more details on how to find your way through Mike Maze’s head, visit Ken’s Korny Corn Maze’s website or on their Facebook page.

“It’s funny how the whole maze thing worked out, how my last name is a puzzle design and also another name folks use for corn,” said Maze.  “It just seems to fit.”

Thanks to Ken’s Korny Corn Maze for this capcom photo.

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