CBC Radio Staffers Sample Fried Fare Before Fair Opening

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Luanne Lane & Allison Olive
99.9 The Fan’s Luanne Lane (left) & WRAL-FM’s Allison Olive try out the new fried foods at the State Fair on Media DAy.

The North Carolina State Fair opens on Thursday, but several CBC radio staffers were on hand to try out the latest fried concoctions this Monday, October 14, 2013. 

So what did CBC’s radio staffers have to say about the fried delicacies?

“The pink lemonade funnel cake and the deep friend red velvet oreos with cream cheese frosting were my fav,” said WRAL-FM Account Executive Allison Olive.  “The sloppy joe on the Krispy Kreme dounut was good, too.  The Cow tail was better than I anticipated.  The deep friend Sugar Daddy was good when it was hot but when it cooled off the caramel got stuck all in your teeth.”

WRAL-TV Morning Show Co-Host Lynda Loveland concurred with Olive.

“The pink lemonade funnel cake was fantastic and the deep fried red velvet Oreos are a must get!” said Loveland.  “The Cow tail I could take or leave.  The Krispy Kreme sloppy joe wasn’t nearly as good as its cousin, the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger.”

And Loveland agreed about the Sugar Daddy being hard on the teeth.

“I was excited at the thought of the deep fried Sugar Daddy.  But unless you like heavy caramel that sticks to your teeth in huge chunks like gorilla glue, don’t get it,” she said.  “It was unbelievable!  It’s like you’re wearing one huge caramel mouthpiece!  Save the stick.  You’ll need it to pry the caramel off your enamel!  Did I mention it’s incredibly sticky and don’t get it if you have fresh fillings?”

Jim Kelly
WRAL-FM’s Jim Kelly couldn’t wait to dig into the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe.

WRAL-FM Assistant Program Director/Music Director & On-Air Personality Jim Kelly weighed in as well.

“It was a close call between the Oreos and sloppy joe for me,” said Kelly.  “The pink lemonade funnel cake was good too.”

But he wasn’t a fan of the other items he tried.

99.9 The Fan Promotion Director Luanne Lane said the Oreos were her favorite.  She attended alongside 99.9 The Fan On-Air Personality Joe Ovies.

Joe Ovies
99.9 The Fan’s Joe Ovies tries a variety of fried foods at the Fair.

“I had the Sloppy Joe Donut … which was interesting,” said Ovies of his food sampling.  “Not sure if it was as good as the Kripsy Kreme burger with bacon, but the flavor combo kinda works.” 

He agreed with Lane’s call on the Oreos.

“I also enjoyed the deep fried red velvet Oreos,” said Ovies.  “The cream cheese icing they put on top seals the deal.”

Ovies will be back at the Fair on Friday with his co-host Adam Gold and 99.9 The Fan Broadcast Coordinator Derek Medlin to take some photos for 99.9 The Fan and, of course, eat more food.

WRAL-TV at the Fair
WRAL-TV will once again host a tent at the State Fair and on-air personalities will be on hand to greet viewers and sign autographs.  Stay tuned to WRAL-TV for live reports from the Fair as well.

Friday, October 18th, is WRAL.com day at the NC State Fair. Stop by the WRAL tent near Dorton Arena for giveaways and chances to win gift cards from Go Ask Mom, the Smart Shopper and WRAL Out & About.

  • See a full schedule of the WRAL personalities’ appearances at the 2013 State Fair here.

The 2013 State Fair, entitled North Carolina’s Homecoming, runs from October 17 – 27.

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Thanks to 99.9 The Fan’s Luanne Lane, WRAL-FM’s Allison Olive & WRAL-FM for these capcom photos.

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