WRAL Gardens Become Backdrop for Movie Scenes

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Film crew
A film crew sets up for a shot in the WRAL Gardens on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.
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CBC’ers at WRAL-TV’s Western Blvd studios are used to seeing cameras set up all around the campus, whether capturing a live weather segment outside or various interviews with experts for the news.   However, on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, employees saw a different set-up.  A film crew came to the WRAL Gardens to film scenes for an upcoming movie.

Drew Boyd, who worked as an editor on the Oscar-nominated film Winter’s Bone, set up the shoot for his new film, Well Wishes.  The movie circulates around a man who lost his job on a coin toss and decides to seek his fortune by retrieving coins from wishing fountains around the country.

Film crew
A film crew shoots movie scenes in the WRAL Gardens on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

The shoot took place at the main fountain out front of the main entrance to WRAL-TV and FOX 50’s studios, as well as in the fountain now centered down in the WRAL Gardens.

Well Wishes is a ‘Southern tall-tale’ in the optimistic vein of the old Frank Capra flicks like It’s a Wonderful Life and You Can’t Take it With You,” explained Boyd.  “A very warm, quirky American tale (PG material).”

Boyd told WRAL he wanted to feature the WRAL building and garden in the shoots.

“We’re really aiming to put North Carolina on display—especially the places that make it unique,” he said.  “The shoot extends from the coast to the mountains but Raleigh is our primary shooting location.”



Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Shelly Leslie for these capcom photos.

Film Crew Shoots Scenes in WRAL Gardens

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