Perfect Weather Backdrop for WRAL’s Live Coverage of Christmas Parade

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2013 WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade

Stuart Todd & Tim King
WRAL-TV’s Stuart Todd (left) & Tim King get the cameras ready for the 2013 WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade live broadcast.
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The rain stayed away for the 2013 WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade.  And thanks to the mild weather, a large crowd lined the route, as thousands more watched from the comfort of their living rooms.    The parade ushered the holiday season into the Triangle on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

Bringing the parade into the homes of WRAL viewers is no small undertaking each year.

“Televising the WRAL Christmas Parade is a labor of love for this station,” WRAL-TV Station Manager Jim Rothschild.  “Bill and Kelcey and Elizabeth, the engineering staff, the production crew, and especially Phyllis Parish and Randy Mews, all pulled together to create this holiday ‘gift’ for the community.  This year’s telecast may have been our best effort, but needless to say Mother Nature did her part by giving us a perfect weather day.  Whether you were one of the tens of thousands along the route or more than a hundred thousand watching at home, the holiday spirit was on full display.”

“There’s something magical about the parade,” said WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Gerald Owens.  “No matter what the weather is before and after, it will NOT rain on our parade.  Great day all around.”

Owens joined other WRAL-TV personalities and some of their children rode on the WRAL float during the parade.  MIX 101.5 had a float as well, and Wool E. Bull danced down the route.

MIX 101.5 Float WRAL-TV float
Personalities from WRAL-FM wave to the crowd from the MIX 101.5 Float (left) while WRAL-TV Anchors salute the parade go’ers from the WRAL-TV Float.

WRAL-FM Asst Program Director/Music Director Jim Kelly waved to fans from the MIX entry.

“I love the parade because everyone is happy,” said Kelly.  “You don’t see grumpy people at a parade. You ride by on the float and everyone is smiling and waving…everyone is in the Christmas spirit. The past two years I have actually had my daughters Olivia and Payton with me for the ride; it is just a fun family experience. The best part this year is our float was near the front so we got done, got in the car, drove home and watched the rest of the parade on WRAL-TV!”

Tune in to the re-broadcast of the parade on WRAL-TV throughout the holiday season.  Watch each Saturday in December at 10am on WRAL2, plus a special holiday presentation on WRAL-TV at 4pm on Christmas Day.

Santa Claus Control Booth
Greg Hutchinson

The parade ends with Santa Claus, a huge hit wtih kids of all ages, each year.

WRAL-TV’s Mick Evans (above) and Keyetta Mangum, Director & Technical Diretor of the parade broadcast, get set up in the production truck.

WRAL-TV’s Greg Hutchinson (left) captures the action on camera.

CBC at the WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade

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