Enable America Pays 5th Annual Visit to CBC

Clarence Williams

WRAL-TV Director/Producer Clarence Williams gives Enable America participants a tour of WRAL-TV Master Control.

Enable America participants visited WRAL-TV for the 5th Annual Enable America Career Mentoring Day this fall.  The non-profit has now spent a half-decade in partnership with CBC, providing mentoring opportunities to disabled individuals, including disabled veterans.

“We really appreciate the time and personal attention each attendee received,” Enable America Program Director Sandy Moonert told CBC.

The visit to CBC provided the veterans with a chance to learn more about job openings and the training required to work in a variety of positions at CBC.

Managers from a variety of divisions met with the veterans, including WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Steve Hammel, Microspace Director of Digital Cinema Distribution Curt Tilly, WRAL-FM Program Director Barry Fox, WRAL.com General Manager John Conway, Corp HR Benefits Administrator Van Williams and WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree.

WRAL-TV Director/Producer Clarence Williams, a distinguished veteran himself, heads up coordinating the visit to CBC each year.

Enable America works to empower people with disabilities to achieve independence through employment.

Thanks to Enable America’s Sandy Moonert for these capcom photos.

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