CBC Hosts Annual Job Shadow Day for Local Students

Ken Smith

WRAL-TV’s Ken Smith talks to students during CBC’s Job Shadow Day.

CBC recently hosted our annual “Job Shadow Day” for middle & high school students who have expressed an interest in exploring a career in broadcasting. A roster of talented professionals from the staff were approached and graciously volunteered.

Van Williams and Mary Eaton of CBC Corporate HR, along with WRAL-TV News Anchor Ken Smith, greeted the students upon their arrival and conducted a welcome orientation.  Smith is a longtime volunteer with the Wake County School Systems’ career development program.

A host of presenters gave them a look at the various broadcast positions, and the following staff members offered presentations and answered questions form the students:  Shelly Leslie – TV Promotion, John Conway – New Media, Adam Weyne – Broadcast Sales, Jimmy Gamble -TV Engineering, Jeff Richie  -CBC IT, Aysu Basaran – TV News, and Andy Christensen – TV Operations. Leesa Moore and David Crabtree of the TV News department also address the group. The event concluded with a tour of the station and a pizza lunch.

A number of advisers and students in attendance gave positive feedback on the experience:

William Williams, Media Coordinator, Clayton High School
Thanks Ms. Eaton, my news staff really enjoyed themselves today.  They talked on the bus all the way back to school. You and your WRAL staff always do any amazing job inspiring the students. Thank you again for taking the necessary time out of you day to put on this important event.

Amy Schroeder, Career Development Coordinator, Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy
“Thank you for organizing and taking the time to facilitate today’s WRAL Job Shadowing event for our students!! What an impressive group of people who certainly walk-the-talk about giving-back to the community. Know that YOU and each of the CBC Team members today touched a student’s future… the conversations back to school… the conversations tonight at student’s family dinner tables… the conversations with peers, etc… about the Field of Mass Communications and ALL the careers within is endless and opened up minds! These students now know they have endless opportunities.. I truly hope my own children are able to interact with such genuine career and civic minded people when they begin to explore careers!”

Skylar Romero & Khalil Green, students
“It was a fantastic experience that taught us both a lot about the behind-the-scenes work that happens to make the news air daily. We also got more information on our careers that we have to think about. We just really wanted to thank you, Mr. Smith, and the whole WRAL team that made this happen. Please share our appreciation with everyone.”

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams & Corp’s Mary Eaton for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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