It’s Time To Cast Your Vote For Your Favorite Lip Dub

FOX 50's Lip Dub Project is back for a 4th year.  Win $10,000 for your high school!

FOX 50’s Lip Dub Project is back for a 4th year. Win $10,000 for your high school!

The entries are in and voting is open for FOX 50’s 2014 Lip Dub Project.  Watch the videos and cast your vote for your favorite.

“Lip Dub has been great this year!” said FOX 50 Creative Services Producer/Social Media Coordinator Phillipe Charles.  “We have 30 entries, a brand new FOX 50 Lip Dub app, and an official hashtag (#FOX50LipDub) that we are using to track a significant amount of conversation and excitement about the competition.  It’s always a pleasure to see how into it the students get, and how they pull together in support of their creative work.  I wish the FOX 50 Lip Dub project existed when  I WAS in high school.”

This year, you can vote both on and the ALL NEW LIP DUB APP

For instructions on how to vote, log on to

Vote AS MANY TIMES as you want!!  SPREAD THE WORD and make sure your school’s LIP DUB has a chance to win $10,000!

FOX 50 also put together a few videos to help schools drum up support for their entries.

“We made a few different ‘Lip Dub Lessons’ videos to give tips to the high schoolers that could aid them throughout the process of creating their Lip Dubs,” said Charles.  “We thought we could give them some perspective on how to make their videos as good as possible, and how to spread the word.”

Check out FOX 50’s Karin Fullington teaching Lip Dub’ers how to promote their video:


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