Broadcasting & Cable Features Triangle Market and CBC

Broadcasting & Cable articleBroadcasting & Cable magazine recently featured the Triangle market and gave more than a passing nod to Capitol Broadcasting.

“Angling for Viewers in Raleigh, Stations offer top tech tricks out of N.C.’s Research Triangle” by Michael Malone appeared in the April 14, 2014, edition of MarketEye.

The article begins with CBC, WRAL and FOX 50:

Conventional wisdom says family-owned TV station groups are getting squeezed as the big get bigger.  Yet that doesn’t quite explain the rich resources WRAL deploys to bring the news to viewers in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. It and sister WRAZ have separate general managers in an era when most owners would make do with one.  WRAL has a documentary unit, and its technological innovation has brought the station numerous awards.  The most recent tech experiment involved members of the station’s morning crew wearing Google Glass to give viewers the perspective of the anchor, director and other staffers.

The investment pays dividends for the Capitol Broadcasting station.  “We do a lot for the community, and the community rewards us with their viewership,” says Steve Hammel, WRAL VP and GM.

The article also talks about other television stations in the Triangle, but notes that WRAL continues to lead in ratings.

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