SandDesk to Stick Around Until September

Brian Shrader & Elizabeth Gardner

WRAL-TV’s Brian Shrader & WRAL-TV’s Elizabeth Gardner shag in front of the WRAL SandDesk for what they thought would be its send-off.

The WRAL SandDesk has earned a reprieve.

When we set out for a salute to summer on Fourth of July weekend, we planned to bring you reports from our the WRAL SandDesk for about a month.

We factored in the weather, your level of interest and estimated longevity of a sculpture of sand situated in a busy pedestrian area. Thirty days seemed about right.

Then we heard from you!

Since we announced the plan to end the desk’s run outside our Western Boulevard studios, you’ve been calling, emailing and sending us messages on Facebook.

We’ve decided to keep the WRAL SandDesk through Labor Day weekend. If you haven’t had a chance, come on by. Take your photos and be sure to share them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@WRALSandDesk).

Thanks to for this capcom story & photo.

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