Explorer Post 50 and Latest Technology Unite at Durham Bulls

Explorer Post 50 ArticleThe students at Explorer Post 50 and the Durham Bulls are making headlines on the web.  In a blog entitled “Student-Run Telecasts, New Stadium Video Displays Highlight Durham Bulls’ Summer of Tech” on Sports Video Group, Senior Editor Brandon Costa writes about the unique program of allowing students to run the broadcasts of the Durham Bulls home games and the high-quality technology they are using.

Costa opens the article writing, “To find one of the most technologically advanced and video-friendly organizations in all of sports, you might have to look to the minor leagues.”

He talks about the cutting-edge technology on display at the Durham Bulls and the fact that teenage students run most of it.

“Most notably, the Bulls — owned by the Raleigh, NC-based Capitol Broadcasting Co. — continue to make an impressive commitment to talent needed to make live television possible in the future. One of the most unique training grounds in the business, Explorer Post 50, is back for its 16th year of putting students behind the Bulls’ TV product,” wrote Costa.

The recent upgrade to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park includes a new control room and state-of-the-art video equipment. The students are cutting their broadcasting teeth with the latest.

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